Physical Health: Where Are We Physically?

Today we are going to start tackling Step 2: Develop a deep and meaningful understanding of where we are.

We will be breaking this down into three focus areas: physical health, mental/emotional health, and spiritual health. This week we will focus on physical health.

We have spent the last few weeks really digging into the concepts of goal setting, visualizing the change you would like to see, and developing a purpose. Key aspects of this are the foundation for setting ourselves up for consistency because we are prepared to manage both the positive and uncomfortable aspects of implementing and sustaining change in our lives.

So how do we begin taking an honest look at our physical health? The first step is to increase our awareness of it. Review each day and consider things like How much did I move today? What were my energy levels today? Was I able to perform everything I wanted to today or did I have to avoid something due to concerns because of my physical abilities or health? How much sleep did I get? What was the quality of that sleep? How hungry was I today? After I ate, did I feel hungry, over filled, or satisfied? What was my last visit to the doctor like?

Reviewing questions like these can help us better get an idea of where we want to start our plan. Many clients that come into our offices do not have an identified goal and are often looking for someone else to help them pick a goal. Practicing assessing ourselves for a time can help us develop a more meaningful understanding of where we are at so that we can better create a plan to get from where we are to where we want to be.